Dovrefjell is a Charter park

European Charter for sustainable tourism in protected areas is a tool for developing and ensuring sustainable tourism in Europe’s protected areas.

This involves certification of national parks and protected areas in accordance with the certification criteria set out by EUROPARC. The EUROPARC Federation is a network and umbrella organisation for protected areas with more than 400 members and as of today more than 45 European national parks have gained this certification.

Newsletter from Dovrefjell and Sunndalsfjella National Park
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Welcome to Dovrefjell where the experiences are lining up in summer

Dovrefjell is the first area in Norway with an internationally approved plan for sustainable tourism development and now has the status as a Charter Park. This brings responsibilities. Through considerate management, respect for nature and your considerate behaviour, we can together ensure that future generations will also be able to experience this.
Experience a musk ox or moose safari or one of the many other organised activities and guided tours. Our wonderful walking safaris led by certified guides also provide knowledge about the flora and fauna and beautiful nature in the national park area. On this website, which is still under development, you will find many reasons and experiences to visit Dovrefjell in summer.

The Dovrefjell National Park area comprises one national park and nine different protected areas, collectively covering an area of 4365 square kilometres. This area stretches from the Døvrefjell mountain plateau in the east and the majestic peaks, deep valleys and effervescent waterfalls to the valley of Eikesdalen in the west. The area is best known for its landmark mountain Snøhetta, the musk ox stock and Europe’s oldest wild reindeer stock.

Musk ox safaris

Our recommendation: Experience the musk ox in a reassuring way. Several companies in the Dovrefjell area offer musk ox safaris with certified guides. Joining a safari enables you to experience both the musk ox and the Dovrefjell mountains, as well as learn why the majestic nature area of Dovrefjell is worth preserving.
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