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Welcome to the national parks

Mid-Norway's most scenic nature experiences

Midnorway Nature is giving you the opportunity to explore and learn more about the most fantastic nature in central Norway.

 Horse trekking in the parks on Icelandic ponnies. Photo - Tomas Lillehagen  Fishing in Forollhogna national park. Photo - Tomas Lillehagen  Unspoiled nature. Photo - Lars Olov Helms

Mid-Norwegian Nature consists of 6 members of the National Park family, which includes all 4 national parks and a wide variety of landscapes and nature reserves. These areas offer some of the finest scenery Norway has to show, with beautiful mountains, fjords, meadows, mountain ranges, forests and wetlands.

National park areas are protected nature that anyone can visit and where people live, work and shape the landscape. In each area we are working to preserve the landscape, wildlife and the environment, as well as to facilitate people to enjoy and learn more about the areas.

"Nasjonalpark-familien" i Midt-Norsk Natur
Map showing the National Park areas in Sør-Trøndelag.

Forollhogna National Park has entrences from Midtre-Gauldal, Holtålen, Røros, Rennebu, Os, Tolga and Tynset . 
Skarvan and Roltdalen Nationa l Park has entrences from Selbu, Meråker, Tydal og Stjørdal.
Sylan landscape protected area has entrences from both Norwegian and Swedish sides. From Norwegian side this is Tydal and Selbu.
Trollheimen landscape protected area has entrences from Rindal, Rennebu, Sunndal, Surnadal, Meldal and Oppdal.
Dovrefjell nasjonalparkområde has entrences from Oppdal, Dombås, Lesja, Åndalsnes, Nesset and Sunndal.

Common for all parks is that they have resonable easy access, short way to the airports at Trondheim (Værnes) and Røros. We encourage the use of public transport when you are visiting the National Park areas.  

Moskus i Dovrefjell - Sunndalsfjella nasjonalpark. Foto - Vincent Munier/Wild Wonders of Europe Vakkert landskap. Foto - Vincent Munier/Wild Wonder of Europe Ville reinsdyr i Forollhogna nasjonalpark. Foto - Cindy Jeannon

Remember - you are the guest in the nature! Help us preserving our common natural heritage!




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